What is NL-Lab?

NL-Lab is a privately owned medical research laboratory focused on microbiological research. We operate from our main location in Leeuwarden throughout the world. Our mission is to provide the superior medical diagnostics for both the client and the practitioner.


NL-Lab has an experienced interdisciplinary team with several diverse backgrounds, including molecular and medical microbiology and analytical software development. Our scientific team publishes annually in several international scientific journals.

We work with the latest technology and the innovative analytical equipment developed by our parent company Biotrack. This makes our analyses reliable and accurate. This patented technology is fully automated, fast, accurate and applicable for many types of analysis.

In addition to more than a decade of experience in pathogen research related to tick-bite diseases and chronic infections, we also conduct research on the gut microbiome and COVID-19. We are constantly improving and broadening our analyses through expanded research and development. We search more specifically and detect more, without any loss of specificity.

NL-Lab is part of Biotrack

NL-Lab is part of Biotrack, a technology company that over the past 10 years has developed the groundbreaking C-FISH technology: Computed fluorescence in situ hybridization, for the detection of microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi and yeasts.

Biotrack focuses on developing systems and test kits for specialized users worldwide, provides R&D for specific applications and develops customized solutions for use outside the laboratory.

Biotrack and NL-Lab are based at the same location in Leeuwarden and operate worldwide, with a focus on Europe and the United States.

Quality is paramount

NL-Lab operates according to ISO 15189:2012 guidelines and our analytical systems operate according to ISO 13485:2016.

Biotrack-MED, Biotrack's analysis system, is CE-IVD registered under NL-CA002-2020-51055. In addition, under COVID-19 analysis CE-IVD is registered under NL-CA002-2020-51133.

Why choose NL-Lab?

Rich and unique data thanks to our superior C-FISH analysis method.

Smart interpretation of measured data, thanks to proprietary models, protocols and methods.

Scientifically-substantiated therapeutic advice consistent with practice.

Customer-friendly support: easily accessible and personal.

Reliable: Scientifically based, validated and independent.

And much more! Discover the many benefits of NL-Lab.