Microbiological research

NL-Lab is a unique Dutch laboratory specializing in microbiological research.

We do research on all microbes (bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi & yeasts) with an emphasis on bacteria, the gut microbiome and blood tests for tick-bite diseases and chronic infections.

Discover our research

Research on intracellular pathogens & chronic infections.
Extensive range of gut microbiome research
The most extensive parasite research on the market.
Find out if antibodies for Covid-19 are (still) present.
Investigating the (im)balance of a gut microbiome
General basic gut microbiome package
Pro Expert is a more extensive variant of the Pro Basic package
Our most comprehensive overall gut microbiome package

Still have questions?

At NL-Lab you get direct contact with someone (usually this is Meintje de Vries in the first instance) who is knowledgeable and also knows who within NL-Lab can best answer your question.

So please feel free to contact us! You can do so by email anytime or by phone during office hours.