Offerings for individuals

For individuals, NL-Lab currently offers four surveys that can be ordered directly from the web shop:

Parasite research

Do you have periodic symptoms and wonder if you might be suffering from parasites? With 16 parasites, our test is the most comprehensive test available on the market.

Balance Test

Test your personal intestinal balance. In a comprehensive report you will receive tailored advice on how to optimize your gut balance.

Dietary success

An upset gut balance can get in the way of weight loss during diets. In a comprehensive report, you will receive tips on how to improve your gut balance if it is disturbed.

COVID-19 antibodies

Have you been vaccinated or sick and want to know if you (still) have antibodies against COVID-19?

Interested in our other research?

We have a wide range of studies that can only be ordered by practitioners (because medical knowledge is required to properly understand the study results).

Are you interested in a study that can only be requested by practitioners? Then contact us and we will refer you to a practitioner in your area.

Why choose NL-Lab?

Rich and unique data thanks to our superior C-FISH analysis method.

Smart interpretation of measured data, thanks to proprietary models, protocols and methods.

Scientifically-substantiated therapeutic advice consistent with practice.

Customer-friendly support: easily accessible and personal.

Reliable: Scientifically based, validated and independent.

And much more! Discover the many benefits of NL-Lab.