Benieuwd welke bacteriƫn in jouw darm zitten?

Met de darmmicrobioom Screening kom je erachter.

Tick Borne diseases

New light is shed on Chronic Tickborne diseases utilizing revolutionary technology that brings these pathogens to light.

Chronic infections

Chronic infections are infections that keep coming back (despite initial treatment) over years. NL-Lab can bring a lot of these infections to light.

COVID-19 antibodies

If you want to know whether you have antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Simple and no appointment needed.

COVID-19 screening

Prevent COVID-19 at your workplace

Rapid screening using our saliva test


New Light Analytics, NL-Lab for short, is specialized in unconventional laboratory research. Our research is dedicated into recurring pathogens (so-called intracellular pathogens) that are at the root of chronic diseases, such as Lyme disease. Not only can we make hidden intracellular pathogens visible at NL-Lab, we also apply these modern methods and insights in the analysis of the gut microbiome.

Finally, NL-Lab is able to quickly and accurately determine to what extent micro-organisms are resistant to various antibiotics.

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The advantages of NL-Lab

We are experts in advanced biomolecular analysis. Our team of scientists and (medical) experts have developed a series of reliable and accurate tests that give doctors, therapists and individuals the information they need to make more informed decisions about their health or that of their patients. We work at the cutting edge of molecular biology, developing techniques that can accurately detect pathogens and improve the treatment of patients around the world.

The NL-Lab team has been researching pathogenic micro-organisms for more than 10 years.

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Lyme infections in Europe
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Identified Pathogens