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NL-Lab consists of a team of specialists with diverse backgrounds, who together strive to deliver microbiological research that really benefits the world. Therefore, we take a fundamentally different and deeper look at all aspects of microbiological research in order to achieve better results together.

NL-Lab is part of Biotrack, which developed the unique and patented method of analysis that we use for most of our studies.

Gerard Schouten


Dr. Gijs Jansen


Dr. Marit Wiersma

Molecular biologist

Meintje de Vries

Product development and customer contact

Jan te Lintelo

Chief financial officer

Annika Dedert - Gorter

Laboratory Analyst

Steven Gommers

Laboratory and quality manager

Talinka Hensen

Laboratory Analyst

Kitty Jager

Financial administrative assistant

Gerrit Tamminga

Research and development specialist

Wopke Hellinga

R&D and software engineer

Aldin Gutic

R&D and mechanical engineer


"At NL-Lab, we all have our own expertise and work together to take our microbiological research to even greater heights."


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We are not actively looking for new colleagues at this time, but you are always free to send an open application to

At this time, we are not looking for new interns.