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Webinar series: "Discover the world of the gut microbiome with NL-Lab"

Part 1: "New Scientific Insights into Intestinal Microbiome and Modern Dysbiosis Theory"
Webinar from 11/04/24 - Link to YouTube

Part 2: "Microbial Ecology and Microbiome: Pioneering Diagnostic Paradigms"
Webinar from 18/04/24 - Link to YouTube

Part 3: "The Role of the Intestinal Microbiome in Health and Various Disorders"
Webinar from 25/04/24 - Link to YouTube



"The influence of the gut microbiome on health"
Webinar from 7/09/23 - Link to YouTube

"NL-Lab's complete gut microbiome testing offering"
Webinar from 14/09/23 - Link to YouTube

"Dysbioses: diagnosis and therapy"
Webinar from 12/10/23 - Link to YouTube

"The gut-brain axis"
Webinar from 14/11/23 - Link to YouTube

Training and workshops

All training and workshops are conducted by Dr. Gijs Jansen, microbiologist, and Dr. Marit Wiersma, molecular biologist at NL-Lab.

Upcoming courses

Academic Masterclass series "Gut Microbiome in Disease and Health"
Location: Ortho Linea, Nijmegen
Dates: 23 September, 7 October, 4 & 18 November,
December 2
Time: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
More information & registration: Ortho Linea

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