Microbiological research for practitioners

NL-Lab provides microbiological research for physicians, therapists, dieticians, coaches and anyone concerned with promoting health. We do this for practitioners throughout the Netherlands and far beyond.

We offer practitioners a comprehensive range of microbiological tests:

Practitioners can properly interpret the analysis results using our easy-to-understand reports and practical therapeutic advice, inorder to create a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our research can only be requested by practitioners registered with us.

Register without obligation

Registration does not obligate you to purchase anything. After registration, we will provide you with all relevant materials, including price lists.

Why choose NL-Lab?

Rich and unique data thanks to our superior C-FISH analysis method.

Smart interpretation of measured data, thanks to proprietary models, protocols and methods.

Scientifically-substantiated therapeutic advice consistent with practice.

Customer-friendly support: easily accessible and personal.

Reliable: Scientifically based, validated and independent.

And much more! Discover the many benefits of NL-Lab.

What can we help you with?

Easily accessible

Practitioners registered with us can always call (during business hours) or email us with questions about our offerings, products or reports. We are easily and directly accessible, and you will get someone on the line who can help you immediately.


We also offer customization. Would you like to have a package that fits the exact needs and wishes of your practice? Then we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!


In principle, our tests can be requested by all practitioners. For blood tests that require the sample to be taken by a BIG-registered practitioner, we also offer the option of having blood taken (at an additional cost) at a PMO location (in the Netherlands).

Take advantage of our research in 6 easy steps:

1. Free registration

2. Request test kits free of charge

3. Fill out application form

4. Sample collection and shipment

5. Research and reporting

6. Payment of research

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