The advantages of NL-Lab

A unique microbiological laboratory

NL-Lab consists of a team of microbiological specialists. We conduct unique microbiological research in our own fully equipped laboratory, which is located in the north of the Netherlands. We serve customers from all over the world, especially in Europe and the United States.

We conduct research into all microbes (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and yeasts) with an emphasis on bacteria.

Our focus is on gut microbiome and blood testing.

Our promise

We provide our customers with better results.

We are also , innovative and independent. wij customer-oriented, innovative en independent.

Our own patented technology

We work with our own unique and patented equipment, which uses superior FISH technology coupled with our proprietary neural networks and algorithms. We call this C-FISH.

This allows us to do more, more accurate and even unique measurements faster (and affordably). The resulting data is therefore richer and more useful.

For example, we measure 100% of the entire intestinal microbiome, while PCR only measures 60% and culture methods do not even exceed 10%. And, unlike other methods, we can measure the activity of microorganisms. This allows us to provide much deeper insight into the influence and functioning of the intestinal microbiome.

In addition, we can study bacteria at different levels: at the level of groups, species and phyla, but also at the functional and pathological level.

Our advanced methodologies

We have developed our own methodology and models for the interpretation of all that data. We do this on the basis of the latest scientific insights.

For example, we have developed and validated our own DNA probes and protocols, we have devised and developed a model for dysbiosis of the gut microbiome ourselves, and we are working with more specific profiles for our gut microbiome research.

We can therefore provide better insight into what the data means and what the actual situation is, down to the level of the individual bacterial cell (single cell) in the gut microbiome – which consists of an average of 10^13 bacteria.

More practical and better founded therapeutic advice

Thanks to the deeper understanding of the situation of the microbiome, we can provide therapeutic advice that is more specific and concrete.

Our focus is on the disorders, so that the advice is practical and concrete instead of inundating you with a large amount of data that you have to make sense of yourself.

This also makes research more accessible.

We are customer-oriented

We offer more customization than our competition. We can jointly develop specific packages for doctors, therapists and dietitians that better suit their practice. In doing so, they can rely on us to make it clear to them which choices there are and which options are the right ones for them.

We also regularly expand our range in response to questions from the market, where we listen carefully to what the demand is exactly. We also consider whether we can provide added value? We want to do research that really adds something and contributes to a better end result.

In addition, we try to remove as many barriers as possible and, if possible, to give everyone as easy access as possible to our solutions and knowledge.

We are innovative

We conduct scientific research ourselves, have our own R&D department and develop our own technology and methodology. We actively keep abreast of the latest scientific developments and translate them into new solutions that really add something to the existing range.

We are independent

Because we develop a lot ourselves, we are much less dependent on external parties. Improvements or adjustments are in our own hands.

We are not affiliated with producers of probiotics, prebiotics or other medicines. You can therefore rest assured that we do not try to sell specific products and that the well-being of those for whom the research is being done is paramount.

We do, however, cooperate as much as possible with other leading academic and innovative organisations, without compromising our independence.

The result is a better result

NL-Lab is a unique lab in the world. We do it differently and, if we may be so immodest, significantly better.

The combination of better technology, methodology and therapeutic advice gives patients worldwide a much greater chance of better health outcomes. And that is paramount.