Benefits of using NL-Lab

At NL-Lab, we are experts in advanced biomolecular analysis. Our team of scientists and (medical) experts have been researching pathogenic micro-organisms for over 10 years. We work at the cutting edge of molecular biology and develop reliable and accurate tests that give doctors and therapists the information they need to improve the treatment of their patients.

We develop diagnostic tests, which accurately detect pathogens associated with diseases such as recurrent fever, Lyme disease and other chronic infectious diseases. Also, SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses are part of NL-Lab’s portfolio. Next to our direct detection method, we can analyze the presence of antibodies against various pathogens (which is an indirect detection method).

NL-Lab makes visible what was previously invisible.

It is becoming more clear that many infectious diseases, such as tick-borne diseases, can seriously affect a person’s life. Without effective diagnosis and treatment, symptoms can often worsen and progress to life-threatening health problems. When the cause of the symptoms remains unidentified it can seriously affect the quality of life.

At NL-Lab, it’s our mission to provide the very best tests which can identify conditions and diseases, such as tick-borne diseases. We provide the practitioners with the most comprehensive and accurate results, which enables the practitioner to draw up the right treatment plan to restore a patient’s health and quality of life.