About NL-Lab

NL-Lab is a private medical research laboratory that focuses on the detection of pathogens. Our mission is to provide the best medical diagnostics for the patient and the practitioner. From our main location in Leeuwarden, we offer our analyzes throughout Europe.

NL-Lab has an experienced and interdisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds in molecular-, medical- and microbiology and analytical software development. Our research and development team publishes in various international scientific journals.

We use the latest technology and innovative analysis equipment developed by Biotrack in Leeuwarden. The patented technology from Biotrack is fully automated, fast, accurate and applicable for many types of analysis. Our analyzes are reliable; we can detect more, without any loss of specificity.

We are constantly improving and expanding our portfolio by excelling in research and development.

In addition to having more than ten years of experience in research into pathogens in relation to tick-borne diseases and chronic infections, we also conduct research into the gut microbiome and COVID-19.


NL-Lab works according the ISO 15189:2012 guidelines and our analytical systems work according the ISO 13485:2016 guidelines. The Biotrack-MED, an analysis system from Biotrack in Leeuwarden, is CE-IVD registered under NL-CA002-2020-51055. In addition, our COVID-19 analysis, is CE-IVD registered under NL-CA002-2020-51133.